New Album Out Now


The new album BYSTANDER AND DESTROYER is out now


“The new album from The Vendettas, “Bystander and Destroyer” is a purely infectious romp from start to finish. Rarely can I say this but there is absolutely no filler in this album whatsoever. The Vendettas prove with this album that they are the heir apparent to not only The Black Crows but Aerosmith and possibly The Rolling Stones.” – Jammerzine


“HARD-ROCK fiends are always on the lookout for their next fix of ear-damaging howl and the Vendettas’ second album, the hard-rocking Bystander and Destroyer, will please even the most torched ear holes.” – Winnipeg Press


“I can’t give enough praise to the talent present on Bystander and Destroyer. The Vendettas have always had a consistent sound and style of rock n’ roll, but there’s a lot more diversity on this album… For now I’m placing them in the hidden gem category but I predict it won’t be long before the rest of the world takes an interest in this talented Australian rock’ n roll act! ” – HMS Magazine
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