“If these guys can keep rockin’ out there’s no reason why they shouldn’t become another one of Australia’s big names in hard rock” – Beat Magazine

“Worth every second and constantly at the highest level. THE VENDETTAS are a new find, Come and visit us in Germany!” – Ox Fanzine (Punkrock Hardcore Rock’n’Roll).

“Very cool band, very interesting album, lots of different styles .. the more I listened to it, the more I had to listen to it, couldn’t turn it off .. ” – Higgo (Triple M – Distortion)

Steve Redden (Vocals)
Lee Gamble (Bass)
Aled Templeton (Drums)
Alex Snarksi (Lead Guitar)
Jared Mattern (Guitar/Vocals)

Carving up the live Melbourne music scene (with residencies at both The Tote Hotel and Cherry Bar) has once again seen THE VENDETTAS stamp themselves as a Rock’n’Roll force to be reckoned with.
This year sees the release of their second full length album BYSTANDER and DESTROYER.
A hard earned rock record like from the days of yore, crafted through endless late night studio sessions perfecting every stick hit, chord strike and vocal melody. This 11 song masterpiece will have you in its grasp from start to end. With riffs reminiscent of their forefathers AC/DC, and Swedish maestros The Hellacopters, these lads have achieved a perfect 1-2 combination of hard hitting groove and blues influenced rock.
Refining their craft, both on and off the stage, The Vendettas demonstrate a real progression in their song writing, proving that a clear focus on light and shade is achievable in this genre.
Accompanied by soulful vocals that howl at times, but then sit right in your ear, it’s no wonder the band have been touted as ‘one to watch’.
Recorded by Matt Robins at Coloursound Studios, Bystander and Destroyer is The Vendettas finest work to date, available digitally, on CD and Vinyl, it’s a must have for the collection of any rock fiend.